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Claire Price

Claire Price 2022-10-27T07:04:52+0000

Cryotherapy is a rising trend offered by spas and wellness centers. It’s gaining popularity for its supposed beneficial effects on eczema, depression, anxiety, exercise recovery, and more. This answer reveals some of the benefits, of whole body cryotherapy.

It numbs irritated nerves

The people who seem to love cryotherapy so much are athletes because the therapy is said to numb the irritated nerves causing pain. Undergoing cryotherapy will also allow them to train more because the pain is not felt as much.

Prevention of dementia or Alzheimer’s

While only a theory, one study finds that whole-body cryotherapy may help prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s due to the anti-inflammatory benefits of the treatment. The same study notes that inflammatory responses are likely contributing to Alzheimer’s.

Improve Sleep Quality

Whole body cryotherapy can improve your sleep/wake cycle. Just like sleeping in a cold room enhances the quality of sleep, exposure to cold in our Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber produces feel good endorphins and an increase in production of norepinephrine, a hormone primarily involved in the sleep-wake cycle. The more of these hormones, the better quality of sleep.

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