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Charlotte Parker

Charlotte Parker 2023-05-09T06:38:07+0000

If you're planning a party for your furry friend or inviting your dog-loving friends over for a celebration, you'll want to make sure everything is dog-friendly. From decorations to treats, there are plenty of ways to create a paw-some party atmosphere while keeping your four-legged guests safe and happy.

Here are some dog-friendly party decorations and treats to help make your next event a hit with all your guests, including the furry ones:

Dog-Friendly Party Decorations:

Doggie Bandanas
Dress up your pup with a themed bandana for the occasion. You can even give them out to your guests’ pets as party favors.

Dogs love balloons, and they make great party decorations too. Opt for eco-friendly latex balloons or choose a dog-themed mylar balloon.

Doggie Photo Booth
Set up a photo booth area for dogs and their owners with fun props and backdrops. It's a great way to capture memories of your furry friends having fun.

Doggie Bowls
Use cute doggie bowls to serve food and water to your canine guests. You can even personalize the bowls with their names.

Dog-Themed Bunting
Create your own dog-themed bunting by cutting out dog shapes from paper or fabric and stringing them together.

Dog-Friendly Party Treats:

Doggie Cupcakes
Whip up a batch of dog-friendly cupcakes for your furry guests. There are plenty of recipes online that use dog-safe ingredients like peanut butter and pumpkin.

 Frozen Treats
Dogs love frozen treats, especially on a hot day. You can make your own by freezing low-sodium chicken broth in ice cube trays or investing in a dog-specific ice cream maker.

Instead of traditional cupcakes, make "pupcakes" with dog-safe ingredients like pumpkin, carrots, and oat flour.

Doggie Pizza
Dogs can enjoy pizza too! Make a dog-friendly version with whole wheat crust, low-fat cheese, and dog-safe toppings like chicken and veggies.

Frozen Fruit Pops
Freeze small pieces of dog-safe fruits like watermelon, bananas, and blueberries in ice cube trays with water. These frozen fruit pops will be a refreshing and healthy treat for your dog.

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