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Charlotte Parker

Charlotte Parker 2023-08-28T07:20:35+0000

If individuals find themselves in trouble for attempted use or possession of a fake ID, Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. offers the services of experienced defense lawyers who can assist them.


With their support, clients can work towards reinstating their Illinois driver's license and combat any potential additional charges they may be confronting. The legal team at Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. understands the complexities of such cases and is well-equipped to help clients navigate the legal process effectively.


For those facing criminal charges related to fake driver's licenses, permits, or other federal IDs, seeking immediate assistance from their attorneys is crucial. With a focus on providing expert guidance and advocacy, Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. strives to protect the rights and interests of their clients during these challenging situations. Visit us at https://soshearings.com/blog/what-happens-if-you-get-caught-with-a-fake-id-in-illinois