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Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker 2018-04-04T12:04:55+0000

When the air conditioning goes down, you may not have time to make a wise decision. That’s why you should weigh your options before you need the repair.
Scenarios where you should definitely get in touch with a professional.

-Refrigerant Leakage
If there is a leak of refrigerant in your system, the system is not going to be capable of performing at peak efficiency.Some leaks can be fixed with little effort and the lost refrigerant replaced, however there may be additional problems just beneath the surface. A technician can visit and determine to remedy the issue.

-Improper Maintenance
While you may not consider maintenance when you think about your air conditioner, it’s quite important.

-Sensor Issues
It isn’t uncommon for an air conditioner sensor to be jostled around and pushed from its correct position. A professional can help determine the problem.
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