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Ava Turner

Ava Turner 2021-06-05T07:34:12+0000

With the increasing rise of known toxins, it's hard to keep everyone safe from the dangers lurking all around this world. All XRF inspection were performed during in-home inspections by concerned moms and dads who wanted to know what their children are playing with, what they are eating off of and what they are wearing Technologies from the past were often inefficient. Not only were they costly, but they took weeks to complete. Lab fees were ridiculous. We utilize laboratory-grade, handheld, XRF Analyzers to detect the presence of a variety of heavy metals within your home or business, consumer products, housing, metals, soils, plastics and other materials. For more information visit Micro X-Ray Inc. at https://microxray.com/applications/x-ray-fluorescence-xrf/