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Audrey Torres

Audrey Torres 2021-09-17T10:32:05+0000

Privately-held companies that track investors on spreadsheets should consider using Colonial Stock Transfer's transfer agent services and online cap table management platform designed for private companies with more than 10 shareholders at affordable costs. Colonial Stock Transfer offers stock transfer agent services to private companies of all sizes. Learn more about our private company solutions. For more information visit colonialstock.com


Amelia Rogers

Amelia Rogers 2021-09-17T09:58:31+0000

Managing your cap table without a professional software or compliance partner can be frustrating and certainly time-consuming. However, through our comprehensive cap table management services to private companies, you can rest assured. We allow you to manage all aspects of your cap table through our online platform, coupled with full service options to better accommodate you during your company’s early to late stage growth.  As your experienced cap table management provider, we can help you. For more information visit equitytrack.co