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Aubrey Lambert

Aubrey Lambert 2021-10-29T11:24:00+0000

In a public bathroom or a shared office bathroom, the lavatory is used more frequently and the chances of odours occurring are increased. An air freshener helps in eliminating these odours to make sure the bathroom always smells fresh and clean.

Positive Experience

Whether it's for you, your staff, your clients, or customers, a positive bathroom experience makes a big difference. It may sound trivial as your clients don't visit your office exclusively to use your lavatories, but a smelly or unclean washroom will most certainly leave a negative impression.

Nice Fragrance

Nobody likes a smelly bathroom. Unpleasant scents can be notably harmful to your company image and customer experience. If you cannot find what is causing the bad smells, the next best thing would be to mask and cover the offensive odours as best as you can. Air freshener makes the bathroom smell good.

People will judge your business by the quality of your washrooms. Flick offers air fresheners as part of workplace washroom hygiene products and services. For more information visit https://www.flick.com.au/north-west-pest-control/