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Claire Price

Claire Price 2021-12-16T09:18:20+0000

Air pollutants are generated by nearly every facet of the industrial process, including raw material sourcing, product manufacturing, maintenance and repair services, and distribution. Consequently, there are several different types of air pollution control equipment available for air pollutants produced by both mobile and stationary sources across a wide range of industries. Air Pollution Control equipment has applications in a wide range of industries, preventing the release of chemicals, vapors, and dust and filtering and purifying the air within the work environment. Typically, fans or blowers direct industrial exhaust and emissions into the air pollution control equipment and systems which remove or reduce air pollutants through Scrubbers, Air Filters, Cyclones, Electrostatic, Precipitators, Mist Collectors, Incinerators, Catalytic, Reactors, Biofilters. If you are looking for an Air Pollution Control System, reach out to Air Clear. We design, manufacture, and install various types of air pollution control equipment globally.