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Charlotte Parker

Charlotte Parker 2022-05-09T12:22:03+0000

As more people choose to make their final arrangements in advance instead of leaving them to loved ones to work out, it’s only natural that decisions about cremation versus burial must be addressed. A lot of people are opting for Cremations in Lafayette as part of their arrangements. Here are some of the reasons why this approach is so popular.


1. The Expense of a Traditional Burial: One of the factors that prompts many people to look closely at Cremations in Lafayette is the cost associated with traditional burials. There is the need to purchase burial plots, construct vaults, invest in headstones, and choose coffins. All the tasks involved with this approach adds up to a tidy sum.


2. The Use of Land: There are those who feel strongly that choosing to create more cemeteries is not the best use of land. Instead, they would rather see the land used in some way to benefit the living. In this instance, the goal is to undergo cremation as a way to free up more space. Even if the plan is for the ashes to be interred in a crypt or some similar approach, an urn takes up much less space than a casket.


3 . Returning to the Earth: Some people like the idea of their ashes being used to replenish the earth in some manner. One example is adding the ashes to soil and using it to nourish the seeds of a new tree. In a sense, this provides a living memorial that can serve as a gathering place for loved ones and ultimately leave less of a carbon footprint on the environment.


If the idea of cremation is something that the individual is thinking about seriously, now is the time to talk with an expert from Queen of Heaven Cemetery & Funeral Center. Check out their website at https://www.cfcsoakland.org/location/queen-of-heaven-cemetery-funeral-center-fd1959/ to learn more.